Troubled Marriage Advice

Are you going through a bad patch in your marriage?  The following troubled marriage advice may offer you some useful tips to help you through this difficult time.

When marriages go through bumpy patches it can be a difficult time for both parties.  It’s easy just to give up but if you are truly in love with your partner, then they are worth fighting for.  The following trouble marriage advice will help you on the road to fixing things:

  • Spend Quality Time Together

    Often marriages become routine and even dull which in turn may lead to a trouble marriage.  For example you may do the same thing every single night with your partner.  The best piece of troubled marriage advice in this situation is to spice things up a little.  A great idea is to plan a weekly ‘date night’ with your partner – go out for dinner or to the movies.  Having something to look forward to each week that is a little out of the ordinary will do great things for your marriage.  Also, when was the last time you went away with just your partner?  A change of scenery can do wonders for a marriage.  So why not book that mini vacation that you’ve been dreaming about?

  • Talk To Each Other

    Learning to talk to each other without arguing is a great piece of troubled marriage advice.  Do you find that when you try to talk to your husband or wife that it turns into an argument?  Well it may be time to set some ground rules.  Let each person have a chance to talk without being interrupted.  Tell each other your deepest desires and what you would like changed in the marriage.  Do not yell and do not criticize the other person – just listen to what they are trying to say.  If you feel you are about to get angry then get up and go outside for a walk and do not come back to the conversation until you have calmed down.  Dealing with situations in a mature manner like this will help you greatly in finding solutions to your problems.

  • Independence

    Another piece of trouble marriage advice is to keep your own independence.  Often in marriages you end up losing yourself and relying too much on the other partner.  In some cases, this can lead to a trouble marriage.  The best way to avoid this is to have your own hobbies and friends.  Do something on your own every week.   You will find that having your own independence will help strengthen your relationship.

  • Reignite that Spark

    Yet another piece of troubled marriage advice is to try and bring back the spark and excitement of when you first met.  Revisit the places where you first met or shared your first kiss.  By doing this you will rekindle some of those original feelings you had for each other which in turn will help your trouble marriage.  Another great way to reignite the original feelings you had for each other is to think back to what attracted you to them in the first place.  Was it the way they made you laugh?  Was it their intelligence?  Again, doing this will help reignite the spark in your relationship.

  • Marriage Therapy

    If you find you have tried everything and you still cannot get your marriage to work then it may be time to see a marriage counselor for therapy. A marriage counselor may be able to offer you further insight into how you can fixed your troubled marriage.  Sometimes asking for help is hard – but remember your marriage may be on the line.

As previously mentioned, marriages are not easy and there will be times when you have to work at it.  So take the above troubled marriage advice and start working on your relationship today.  It will be worth it!

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